Organizational Jealousy

6 Jun

I have never been good at organization. My brain looks at the different options, the game of tetris that must be played in order to keep things in order and it immediately overheats and starts smoking. Like most people, I am very limited on space. And, also like most people, I am very limited on time. So now the actual chore of organizing the collections of physical clutter has to be organized before I can start organizing.

I grudgingly accept this fact as a permanent inevitability and I step up to begin. I try to break everything down into clear cut pieces so I can attack one thing at a time. Then I realize that each piece is also pieced out even further. But some of these pieces are related and some are so random I can’t fathom what to do with them. So I focus on what to do with the pieces I do understand and leave the random things to puzzle me later.

I think the best motivation is seeing something accomplished even if it is only organizing my writing desk. Now I have a clean piece of my room but have also created a tiny clean spot in my cluttered brain. Patience has never been a great virtue of mine but I have slowly been learning just how powerful patience can be.


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