About the Author

17 Aug

I am a 30-something year old single mom of two amazing kids.  I have been writing fiction, creative non-fiction, non-fiction, poetry and lyrics for as long as I can remember. My dreams have always been incredibly vivid, allowing me to use 4 of my 5 senses within them. I have always been told I need to write them but have only recently figured out how to do that given the complex structure dreams can take on. So I am finally committing them to paper.

I am an EMT and I also work within the copy-editing field. I am working on COUNTLESS stories to become short stories, novellas, novels, random words on paper and great hair-pulling frustration. But we write because we have to. We write because we can. We write because we love words and what they do to us.

I love to travel. I love new experiences even if they scare me to the edge of death and back again because experiences, I have only recently learned, are all we have. This is our life and it will be as stressful or as carefree, as structured or as gloriously disorganized as we care to make it.

The dreams will evolve. They will start as the basic meat and potatoes of what occurred while I slept and I hope to slowly add the extra guts that will hopefully make them a more interesting read. Since this is a new blog I will simply post over the original dream as I create it so the dream may be different if you come back (and hopefully!!) read it again!! The other portions of my blog should be pretty cut-and-dried and will (probably) remain static as they were first posted.

Check out my posts and let me know if you like them! Actually, let me know if you don’t as well! I can take it!


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