Summer 2009

14 Sep

Fish-hooked through the mandible, he connected our new collars chain-gang style with a length of rope. With blood pouring down our necks into our shirts, when he yanked one of us around, the reaction of the rest of the line was an extremely exaggerated motion in an effort to keep from having our jaws wrenched from our skull. As he tied off the end of the rope to the old decrepit station wagon that sat poised at the end of the boat landing, the children cried uncontrollably. But there was no way to calm them.  There was nothing that could be done that could wake them from this nightmare. We coughed and choked on the blood that pooled in our mouths. With every slight movement of my head, I could feel the weight of the thick metal ring that had been stabbed through the center of my jaw- could feel the metal against the underside of my tongue and scraping across the top of my teeth.


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