Music Midtown- Night One

29 Sep

It is so nice spending an awesome weekend with an awesome person!  My best friend and I went to Atlanta’s annual Music Midtown music festival. But instead of driving up for the day, we decided to make a weekend of it- probably safer for us AND our families that way. 😉


So late Friday morning, Alex shows up at my house (two hours before I am even home due to an unforeseen loss of vehicle at the mall parking lot the day before- we found it, don’t worry, but it put me behind schedule getting started on our three hour drive home from my sisters which is why we stayed an extra night, hence my being late to my own scheduled event with my best friend!) I get home, pass the Torch of the Child Caretaker to my mother, throw some clothes in a bag with my laptop and we hit the road.








The Vortex Bar and Grill-

We found our hotel among the mess of one way streets with minimal swearing. After entrusting the valet with our horse and buggy we made our way up to our room on the fifth floor. We unpacked just enough to find what we would need for the evening and I tried to get on the complimentary internet to take one last look at the directions from the hotel to The Vortex where we had planned to have dinner and start our weekend off right.

Of course the complimentary internet wasn’t working. So I spent the next 30 minutes on the phone with Jorge (who was very courteous and patient in light of having no clue what the problem was) only to get frustrated with internet explorer after we had fixed the connection problem. After all that time and effort spent getting the internet working, I shut my computer in disgust, pulled out my Android phone and Googled it. Alex laughed at me, I laughed at me, and we were on our way.

How to describe The Vortex- in a word, AWESOME!!! If you have not been privileged enough to visit one of Atlanta’s two homegrown, locally owned and run Vortex Bar & Grills, you are MISSING OUT! But if you do decide to go, you must- MUST- head to the website and read the RULES before visiting! They are not going to apologize for anything you might find offensive and they openly state- THE CUSTOMER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT!! My kinda place… Hell yeah!!

The color scheme is red and black and the theme is tough, cool, entertaining and offensive if you are easily offended. Two skeletons pose atop two old 1960’s model café racers. The pictures on the walls are a mixture of alcoholic beverage logos interspersed among scantily clad women. Oh and skulls! Don’t forget the plethora of skulls! Or the toaster hanging from the ceiling- upside down!

After two of the most amazing burgers we’ve ever ingested in our lives (the swiss and shrooms was awesome but the Carnivorgasm was just BEYOND impressive- really!) we tried the Americanized version of an Absinthe shot, which was a pathetically sad let down. We both had kind of a tingly sensation immediately following the shot but there were no lasting effects even for a shot of liquor. Go figure.







This all occurred at our table. From there we were looking to purchase some of the KILLER merchandise from this amazing establishment. They do have some very cool stuff (please forgive the obviously shameful plugs for this place… I promise I wouldn’t endorse it if I didn’t truly believe it was worthy of the patronage of open-minded, cynically-amused personalities!!). Our server told us we could purchase Vortex stuff at the entrance (the hostess stand?) or at the bar. Ah-HAA! Well goodness gracious sakes-alive! If we are going to spend  more money we may as well add a couple more drinks to the final tally!

Fred was a gracious, if partially disinterested, bartender at first. But the size of this guy, the shaved bald head and gravelly tone in which he spoke made you think twice about getting an attitude with him. But as it turned out he was a cool cat and we had some good laughs. Alex excused himself for a minute at one point which gave the handsome, dark haired, dark complected fellow who had been glancing at me for the past few minutes the opportunity to approach me. Sanjay was a very nice, polite guy. It turned out he and some friends from work had driven down from North Carolina for Music Midtown. We talked about the upcoming music fest and the bands playing, and exchanged pleasantries about our jobs and our opinions of stupid people. Alex had come back from the restroom and was chatting with Sanjay’s friend, Brent. Brent was a tall quiet cat but turned out to be cool as well. Sanjay asked me to take his phone number with hope that we could meet up at the festival the following day. Not that I didn’t enjoy the conversation and laughs we had but I was a little relieved when they left. My throat was starting to hurt from yelling over the music and the other people yelling over the other people yelling over the music. Not to mention, it’s always a little uncomfortable getting so close inside someone’s personal space when you don’t know them.

We took our time meandering back to the hotel. Atlanta’s reputation for being dangerous is not without accuracy but the city has been working hard to change that. And this part of the city was very nice. Modern sculptures dotted the landscaping around the tall buildings whose architectural beauty is not to go unmentioned either. Short, wide walls welcomed you to sit and rest a moment while you enjoy the scenery- which we did, happily. After we made it back to our room, we changed for bed and put on a movie which neither of us made it more than three minutes into before passing out.

The evening came to a close with someone BEATING DOWN our door! I woke up, took note of the racket but figured it was one of the neighboring rooms. I dozed back off to sleep. Again, that incessant pounding woke me. Now I’m mad! I stumble my way to the door (luckily all the lights are still on from our attempt to watch our movie earlier) and open it just enough to peek out. Now I am no longer mad but completely confused! Alex is standing there- in his PJ’s- looking at me with the same confused look as if I were the one who was pounding on the door and woke HIM! I opened the door to let him in. As he’s walking across the room I ask, “What the hell, yo?” Alex stops, turns slowly and with a sheepish grin on his face replies, “I had to pee… so I went to the lobby…………. And I forgot my key…!”

I raised my eyebrows in question, but before I formed the words I changed my mind.


I don’t want to know.


2 Responses to “Music Midtown- Night One”

  1. Alex Kyzer September 30, 2011 at 06:29 #

    It will remain a mystery as well to me why it seemed a good idea to go to the lobby as well – Excellent beginning to a great adventure though!

  2. Alex Kyzer December 22, 2011 at 17:47 #

    It gets better reading it the second time! I seem to have an issue with keys – maybe I left my key in the motorcycle… Ignition!

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