Chick-fil-A and the First Amendment- My Opening To a More Detailed Understanding

2 Aug

Our country was based on the beliefs that we are allowed to have our unique and individual opinions regardless of someone’s opposition to it. When you look at all the facts in this situation, it’s further proof of the deterioration of the foundations of this country. It is this company and their officers’ 1st amendment right to voice their opinion. They base their values from within the bible. No one can call them hypocrites- they don’t do business on Sunday and are therefore not a publicly traded company so they don’t capitalize in that manner. They have not stated they would not serve homosexuals, nor have they been called on the carpet for preferential treatment of heterosexuals. When my gay male friend and I (a heterosexual female) walk in to any one of their stores, our chicken sandwiches, salads, nuggets or wraps are exactly the same. My piece of chicken on bread with a single pickle slice is no better than my gay friends. And my friends sandwich isn’t lacking the chicken, nor the bread, nor the pickle slice. Chick-fil-A has simply voiced the opinion that they don’t AGREE with homosexual union. Well, no kidding. They have their religious beliefs and hold to them from start to finish. I may or may not agree with Chick-fil-A’s stance on same-sex marriage. But the bottom line is that I am allowed my opinion, just as they are, until our administration (current or future) decides we are no longer human enough to be allowed an opinion.


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