1 Nov

At first glance I thought this was biased- as I finished reading, however, I assure you it is awesome! As long as you don’t have kids to look after or work the next morning! 😉

Maximum Wage

Hello and welcome to the 2nd annual presidential election drinking game. I created one for the 2008 election that I posted to Facebook and so I thought why not make one again for this election. Why not get drunk on election day?

To my non American friends I apologize you’ll just have to think of your own election day drinking games.

If you lose your job because you got so hammered on election night I’m really sorry son, but I got 99 problems and the unemployed ain’t one.

Please print these rules out, as this game is as complicated as politics.

Things you will need:

  • Beer
  • Hard Alcohol
  • Blue and Red colored sharpies
  • TV
  • Timer (Stopwatch or smartphone app)
  • Friends (more than one person)
  • Computer with access to Facebook

Its better to play this game with a group of people. Before starting everyone picks their candidate, Romney or Obama. YOU…

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