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Fun to Watch… Not So Fun to Participate

1 May
Please, just don't do it. It not only hurts you, it also hurts all of us out here looking at the photo.

Please, just don’t do it. It not only hurts you, it also hurts all of us out here looking at the photo.



17 Dec

Why? I just don’t… WHY?!!!pineapple through cheeks


Happy Thanksgiving! From Just Wrong!

22 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving! From Just Wrong!

‘Nuff said… But we are still thankful for… the other stuff…!!!

A New Leaf Turned

1 Nov

It’s that time again. The time when I begin a new cycle of writing. It always comes in cycles and when that cycle is at its lowest and I’m writing little if any, that’s when I feel my worst. I am pleased to be at the beginning of it again. That means fresh outlooks, new inspirations, and a positive attitude towards myself.

I am beginning with a post a week but I would like for that to be an absolute minimum. I am at my best when I’m writing. Hopefully I can share some unique posts with everyone.

…and we begin again…

I Get the Final Say

20 Jul

I always have the last word…

Open Casket??

23 May

Just remember that makeup can only cover up so much…


GSW to the temple. Sometimes the pressure can get to you…

Why? Just… why?

12 Mar

Why not to run from the police... I guess he thought he could clear it.

CAVEAT: unless you have a very strong constitution, I would highly suggest you not visit

I work in the medical field and most have a sick twisted side. I get some ideas on where to go to find certain types of pictures for ‘Just Wrong’ through my colleagues on occasion.



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