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Another Long Night

5 Nov

I pour the last drink a little stronger than the previous, though I don’t mean to. I am caught up in my thoughts as I pour, and the bottle lays over itself, aimed at my glass, just a second longer than intended.


The brief thought rolls through my head as the next thought comes tittering behind it, covering its’ tracks.

Ha HAA! Thank GOD for the ‘accidental overpour’!!!

Oh- shutup. I mumble aloud to my other self. This is not funny.

This shit is NOT funny. How I long for sleep. But part of me won’t allow it. I could lay down on the cold concrete in the garage and sleep fine if I would only allow myself. But that small part of me forbids it.

The small devil on my left shoulder pokes and prods me with its tiny pitchfork.

You deserve all the pain you get for the pain you inflict on others.

But I don’t WANT to hurt anyone!! My scream echoes in the front of my mind. It resonates in my chest.


I hear it as if I were stabbed in the heart. It has become hard to breathe. I want nothing more than to take back every hurt I have ever inflicted on anyone.

All I ever wanted was a little peace in my life!! I scream into oblivion.

I just want those I care about to be happy. Then I can be happy. Then maybe I can find any semblance of my own peace. I have learned… I understand now! Just please- release me…

The guttural chuckle grips me. The ice holds me.

I take a breath. I close my eyes and breath deeply as I try to clear my head, try to clear my heart.

Your drink is almost empty.

I scowl at myself.

Yeah. I know.

1 Nov

At first glance I thought this was biased- as I finished reading, however, I assure you it is awesome! As long as you don’t have kids to look after or work the next morning! 😉

Maximum Wage

Hello and welcome to the 2nd annual presidential election drinking game. I created one for the 2008 election that I posted to Facebook and so I thought why not make one again for this election. Why not get drunk on election day?

To my non American friends I apologize you’ll just have to think of your own election day drinking games.

If you lose your job because you got so hammered on election night I’m really sorry son, but I got 99 problems and the unemployed ain’t one.

Please print these rules out, as this game is as complicated as politics.

Things you will need:

  • Beer
  • Hard Alcohol
  • Blue and Red colored sharpies
  • TV
  • Timer (Stopwatch or smartphone app)
  • Friends (more than one person)
  • Computer with access to Facebook

Its better to play this game with a group of people. Before starting everyone picks their candidate, Romney or Obama. YOU…

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Fun in the Snow…

16 Jul

I think someone needs a break from the snow…

Wow… just- wow….

About the Author

17 Aug

I am a 30-something year old single mom of two amazing kids.  I have been writing fiction, creative non-fiction, non-fiction, poetry and lyrics for as long as I can remember. My dreams have always been incredibly vivid, allowing me to use 4 of my 5 senses within them. I have always been told I need to write them but have only recently figured out how to do that given the complex structure dreams can take on. So I am finally committing them to paper.

I am an EMT and I also work within the copy-editing field. I am working on COUNTLESS stories to become short stories, novellas, novels, random words on paper and great hair-pulling frustration. But we write because we have to. We write because we can. We write because we love words and what they do to us.

I love to travel. I love new experiences even if they scare me to the edge of death and back again because experiences, I have only recently learned, are all we have. This is our life and it will be as stressful or as carefree, as structured or as gloriously disorganized as we care to make it.

The dreams will evolve. They will start as the basic meat and potatoes of what occurred while I slept and I hope to slowly add the extra guts that will hopefully make them a more interesting read. Since this is a new blog I will simply post over the original dream as I create it so the dream may be different if you come back (and hopefully!!) read it again!! The other portions of my blog should be pretty cut-and-dried and will (probably) remain static as they were first posted.

Check out my posts and let me know if you like them! Actually, let me know if you don’t as well! I can take it!


6 Aug

test post

Organizational Jealousy

6 Jun

I have never been good at organization. My brain looks at the different options, the game of tetris that must be played in order to keep things in order and it immediately overheats and starts smoking. Like most people, I am very limited on space. And, also like most people, I am very limited on time. So now the actual chore of organizing the collections of physical clutter has to be organized before I can start organizing.

I grudgingly accept this fact as a permanent inevitability and I step up to begin. I try to break everything down into clear cut pieces so I can attack one thing at a time. Then I realize that each piece is also pieced out even further. But some of these pieces are related and some are so random I can’t fathom what to do with them. So I focus on what to do with the pieces I do understand and leave the random things to puzzle me later.

I think the best motivation is seeing something accomplished even if it is only organizing my writing desk. Now I have a clean piece of my room but have also created a tiny clean spot in my cluttered brain. Patience has never been a great virtue of mine but I have slowly been learning just how powerful patience can be.

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