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Away Friends

12 Nov

Though we prefer to keep our family and friends geographically close, there is one good thing about having them at a distance. The beautiful thing about best friends who live so far away- They bring other good people to your life that you never would have met. And if your friend is truly a good person, you will meet more wonderful people that you never would have otherwise. People who have treated your good friend with the dignity and respect that you have always known they deserve. People who care for them and are always welcome back, because your friend respects, trusts and loves them. To watch a friend amidst people who clearly care about them and their well being is so medicinal for the soul…

It was an honor to meet my sisters closest friends this past weekend. Thank you all for loving her. She is a beautiful person.



24 May

Silence is not always my friend. Actually, silence is rarely my friend. My brain begins to spin into overdrive and then overheat. That results in damage to my engine and the steam copiously pours from my ears.

But a strange sort of calm has come upon me, of late. It is unlike my past quiet respites from my own feverish over-workings. It feels that the eye of some slow-moving, never-ending storm has passed, and the peace from what I believed to be  the end of the storm- followed by more thunderous destructive wind, rain and hail- may finally be in sight.

Should I take a chance? Should I pull the plywood from my windows, now? Should I open the hatches? Is it safe?

Something tells me safe harbor isn’t far off. I must still work to get my sad, tiny, weather pummeled ship there. But the breeze is warm, the air tastes fresh. I can feel the tease of the sun’s warmth coming out from behind dark curtains.

And I have hope for a beautiful sunset tonight.

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